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Summer Learning Highlights

Summer Learning Highlights

The S'more Learning and Jumpstart to Kindergarten programs have successfully concluded, with a total enrollment of 235 enthusiastic students. These summer initiatives aimed to provide an engaging learning experience for children, fostering their educational growth while ensuring a memorable and enjoyable summer break. Let's take a closer look at the activities and achievements of our students during this enriching season.

The Jumpstart to Kindergarten students had an incredible time discovering the world of being a student. Through a well-rounded curriculum, they explored various subjects. They also delved into language skills, learning about letters, sounds, and engaging in captivating read-aloud sessions. The program further emphasized essential social skills, enabling students to work effectively in small groups while grasping the expectations of proper behavior in hallways and during line-ups. In addition, a notable highlight was the collaboration with the Stark County Library, where the students enjoyed cooperative STEM learning experiences.

Students entering first grade through fourth grade continued their educational journey with S'more Learning Camp. This comprehensive program encompassed a wide range of literary genres, including fiction, fables, and informative texts. By analyzing these stories, students honed their comprehension strategies and focused on enhancing their writing skills. Additionally, the students eagerly participated in weekly STEM kit activities, courtesy of the Stark County Library. These hands-on projects allowed them to not only learn but also take home a book related to the STEM topic.

Heather Phillips, Summer Learning Principal, expressed immense pride in her role for the second consecutive year. She acknowledged the invaluable support of the dedicated team and thanked Jill Downing, Sally Bilbrey, and all the teachers who committed their summer to serve the students of Plain. Heather cherished the opportunity to build strong relationships with the young learners, witnessing their growth and enjoyment throughout the summer.

Jessica Lauer, reflected by sharing, “S’more Learning Camp has been such a wonderful opportunity for our students to continue learning in core subject areas before heading to the next grade level in the fall while also having a ton of fun along the way.” The S'more Learning and Jumpstart to Kindergarten programs proved to be a resounding success, providing an excellent blend of education and enjoyment for the participating students.

Alaina Provo, a first-time summer school teacher, described the experience as a unique and rewarding opportunity. Working with students from different parts of the district, Alaina focused on fostering growth and building strong connections with each child. The diverse activities ignited the students' creativity, and the highlight of the program was the weekly visits from the Stark County Library. Alaina regarded her first year of teaching during the summer as a wonderful stepping stone in her career.

Daisy Gemmel, a fourth-grade S'more Learning student shared, "I would describe it as like being at normal school, but it’s summer. I liked how my teachers were funny and we did lots of projects. I would recommend this to all my friends! My favorite part was learning about Greek mythology and fractions.”

Enjoy these memories from the summer! 

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